Prostate Massage

We, at “A Day Away Massage & Spa” provide the best prostate massage in Singapore and provide the ultimate solutions for all prostate gland issues in men. Every man has his most sacred part known as G-Spot, which includes the prostate gland that is responsible for secreting sexual hormones in men. Hence, the prostate gland must work well to maintain sexual strength in men.

But, some men have issues with the prostate gland that does not secrete progesterone hormone in men properly. To ensure regular work of the prostate gland, you can take the services of the best prostate massage therapist at our massage parlour.

We specialize in providing safe and effective prostate massages to our valued male clients. For this aim, you have skilled masseuses and goddesses.

Prostate Massage

They have extensive experience and knowledge on how to massage G-Spot in men and improve its functionality with massage therapies. Our therapists use essential oils and standard massage therapies to regain strength in the prostate gland and G-Spot in men. Moreover, it will regulate blood circulation in prostate gland nerves and gets you relief from stress, anxiety, and sexual disorders. Thus, it will help to stimulate the natural secretion of sex hormones by enhancing the functionality of the prostate gland in men.

Our trained masseuses know how sensitive is to massage G-Spot or prostate gland in men. Hence, they will keep things in mind and do safe massage services to the sacred part of men. You will enjoy the prostate massage therapists provided by our skilled therapists, who know how to heal your sensual cravings. At the end of the massage, they will also provide you with a happy ending massage session that will conclude all things that happen during the process and make you feel good for the treatment done with your sacred part. For more details on happy ending massage in Singapore, you can consult our support team as well.

We have a well-designed massage room to provide prostate massage to our clients. Our trained goddesses will be there to serve you in a room that has a soothing environment full of aromas. They will heal you from all prostate issues and give massage to the sacred part with care. Our masseuses use quality oils made of natural herbs and essential ingredients that will work well in increasing the functionality of the prostate gland to secrete sex hormones and enhance sexual strength in men. So, you can contact us to experience the ultimate pleasures of prostate massage in Singapore and get rid of sexual problems.

Benefits of Prostate Massage

Our prostate massage therapies are beneficial for men to get rid of prostate gland issues and improve erection in G-Spot. You will experience good benefits of prostate massage such as:

  • It improves the functionality of the prostate gland and stimulates the secretion of sex hormones in men.
  • This massage therapy provides the strength to G-Spot to get a good erection during intimacy.
  • It improves the blood circulation in the nerves of the prostate gland to work properly.
  • This therapy is also effective in increasing sperm count in men.
  • It works upon all sexual disabilities in men and overcomes them too.

Our Prices

60 mins - S$230

90 mins - S$320

120 mins - S$400

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