Tantric Massage

We, at “A Day Away Massage & Spa” provide the best Tantric Massage in Singapore at our Spa parlour. Tantric massage is a traditional way to give a massage that is effective in healing one’s mental and physical issues to give ultimate relief. This massage therapy works well to reduce stress, anxiety, and muscle pains quickly. Moreover, you can experience good results in sensual disorders and physical disabilities to overcome with the best tantric therapies and massages done by our trained therapists. After a tantric massage session, you will feel so relieved from all mental distresses and physical pains from head to toe. So, if feel so tired after working a whole week in the office and at home, do not hesitate to take a good tantric massage session at our Spa parlour and get rid of all pains and stresses in life.

Tantric massagesare vital to get re-energize the body and remove pains in muscles, hands, legs, and whole body parts.

Tantric Massage

This form of massage is based upon tantric massage techniques which are meant effective to heal body pains, mental disorders, muscle pains, and sexual problems in humans. So, if you need mental peace and ultimate relief from body pains, you should book a session of tantric massage with us and experience the difference on your own.

We provide the ultimate tantric massage service in Singapore at our well-designed massage parlour. Also, we are flexible to serve you tantric massages at your private residency or hotel room as per need. Once you book an appointment for a tantric massage through our site, we will send the best masseuse to your private place to give service. Our skilled masseuses and goddesses are highly trained to give effective tantric massages to relieve you from mental stress, anxiety, muscle pains, and sensual issues in private parts with massage therapies. You will feel extremely relaxed during tantric massage sessions provided by our experienced therapists.

We also specialize in the best Nude massage in Singapore that includes tantric massage therapies that will be efficient to reduce disabilities in male sex organs. Moreover, you will feel extreme sensuality in your body when our beautiful masseuses will massage your private part and whole body with their naked bodies. Our skilled therapists will use essential oils to massage private parts to improve blood circulation in nerves and increase sexual sensation in the body. So, if you feel low during sexual intimacy with your partner and get sudden ejaculation or less erection in organs, you should try our best massages with tantric therapies at our parlour. We are sure that our therapies will work and give you good results to overcome sexual disabilities soon.

Interested? You need to book a tantric massage session with us through our website soon. For tantric massage service in a hotel room or at home, you need to contact our support team and address privacy policies for masseuses to end your private residency.

Benefits of Tantric Massage

  • Overcome stress, anxiety, and physical pains with effective tantric massages.
  • Feel immense energy in the body and tired muscles after a good session of tantric massage.
  • Reduce sexual disability in male sex organs and feel huge sensuality in the body after the massage session.
  • It improves the flow of oxygen and blood circulation in nerves of body parts and genital if you take a good session of tantric therapies with a nude massage.
  • Feel extremely relaxed and physically energetic after getting tantric massages.

Our Prices

60 mins - S$220

90 mins - S$300

120 mins - S$400

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